Smart Architecture is a process and technology driven architecture firm established by architects and engineers who have worked at the interface of digital technologies and the architecture and construction industry for over thirty years. Beginning at SOM in the 1980’s, at Frank Gehry’s office in the 1990’s, and on major buildings worldwide in the last decade, we have continued to advance the art of digital modeling, now evolved into BIM. We know computers and we know buildings. Smart Architecture applies digital technology to building design and construction. We design and develop buildings as well as consult with architects, artists, engineers, builders and owners, to explore designs and manage the documentation and construction process through a 3D database. On projects of diverse scales, ranging from artwork to infrastructure, our services harness the potential of the digital database to enhance understanding, visualization and coordination, resulting in better design and more economical and productive execution.

We founded Smart Architecture to help owners, architects, artists, engineers and contractors apply these tools intelligently to their own projects, to solve challenging problems together.